Irish Red Setter Breeder

Where passion meets the aim for perfection !

Being passionate of the Irish Setter, and having dogs since the beginning, I finally decided to start breeding.

It all started with my first boy, Crow's Castle Thorgal, followed by Ikar Obvious Red.

Irish Ireleith, Largowinch of Royal Residence, Schwung Orion & Schwung Ophrah and Gwendariff The It Girl (Pippy) have been joined by Rainbow & Ralph (Robbedoes) Of Irish Smiling Eye - they are the Irish Settergang at this moment.

Photo credit to Nicolette Van Hoek

All our dogs get high premium quality food. Depending on their needs for good health, coat, special requirements.


All our dogs have passed the test of social behaviour. A basic obedience is necessary to be able to handle your setters. Discipline is the key word !